New Projects Galore

Given my devotion to baseball, I typically try to minimize the number of projects I take on from April through October. Customer service is extremely important and I like to be able to devote as much of my time as I can when I take on a new project. There are times though when my worlds collide and I find myself having to accept new development work during baseball season. That usually will require a lot of very long days that include work, baseball, and development. These activities can consume roughly 21 hours a day. I’m usually ok with that since I rarely sleep more than 4 hours a night so what’s an extra hour right?

Usually when I add a project it is singular like in one project. For whatever reason I have suddenly become quite popular and in demand. I can’t explain it as I am not out there actively searching for new development projects; they are just somehow finding me. Over the course of the next few weeks I have roughly 8 new design and development work orders that span anything from an ecommerce system to catalogs to a simple web presence. Due to the variety of the work and the short timelines I am going to have to get creative if I am going to meet the necessary deadlines. About the only reason I agreed to these is the fact that they seem to have many things in common which should allow me to reuse code across the project space. For now I am knee deep in gathering requirements. As I get further along I’ll try to post some links or provide more details where I can so you can follow along with the progress if you want.

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