Me, Myself, and Wall-e

With Trina and Whitney out of town that leaves me home with Tiffany and Dakota. Tiffany is now working full time so rarely do we even see her with work and then going out with her friends. That leaves me and Dakota at home. There is nothing quite like having an eleven year-old boy around to make you realize how old you really are. That kid has nothing but energy. The depth of that energy is diametrically opposed to the shallowness of his attention span. Approximately every 5 minutes he has to tell me how bored he is and how there isn’t anything to do. That wouldn’t be so bad but I am really trying to get some work done and the last thing I need is to stop and try and find something for him to do. And it’s not like just anything will relieve the boredom. Oh no it has to be highly entertaining. There is no way I could possibly suggest that perhaps he could clean his room or possibly empty the dishwasher. No chores are definitely not on the list of fun things to do. As a result he is practically driving me crazy. So tonight I decided we all needed a break.

Today marks the opening of Walt Disney and Pixar’s new film Wall-E. I’ll admit we are definitely a Disney style of family; especially the theme parks and the movies. Since going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World was not in the cards or the budget we had to settle for a movie. Don’t tell anyone but I have been eagerly awaiting this movie to be released. I had heard several people say that the artists and writers at Pixar felt that this movie was the best of all they had come up with. Given their track record that is very high praise.
Beginning the moment that he woke up Dakota began pestering me as to when we were going to go and get the movie tickets. He and Tiffany had already determined that we were going to the 7:30 PM showing and Dakota wanted to make sure that we had the tickets. I had already anticipated this was going to happen so before Dakota got up I had gone online and purchased the tickets in advance. All we had to do was pick them up at guest relations when we arrived at the theater. I thought this would pacify Dakota but no. He paced the floor checking the clock about every 10 minutes until it was time to leave.
When we arrived we made our way into the theater arriving a full half-hour before the scheduled start time. The place was already packed and we ended up sitting at the very top in a corner if the three of us wanted to sit together. Obviously I was not the only parent that was trying to defeat summer boredom with their kids.
I thought the movie was very good but both Tiffany and Dakota felt as though it was not as good as some of Pixar’s earlier films. They came to the theater expecting to see something like Toy Story set in space. This was more like the short films that Pixar makes. The story revolves around two robots who have very limited dialog so the movie really makes you think to relate to the characters. That doesn’t mean it’s not good for kids, it just means that you are not faced with senseless mind-numbing comedy. There is enough sight gags and funny situations that kids of all ages will enjoy it but I think this film more than the others holds a lot of interest to adults in the audience. Personally I would take this over something like Monsters Inc or A Bugs Life. Cars is my all-time favorite Pixar film mostly due to the great characters. I was relieved to hear John Ratzenberger’s voice part way through the film. I was worried that his streak might be broken but it remains intact. He has now had a part in every Pixar feature film they have developed. I would definitely give Wall-E a big “thumbs-up” as a must see. It’s a great story and unbelievable animation.

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