Look Before You Leap

Late last evening we received a call from our oldest daughter Ashley. Last year she decided that she was going to get back in shape and lose the weight that she had gained since going to college. She has been diligently working on that and is now probably in the best shape of her life. She looks great and feels even better. During her high school years Ashley was a pretty good athlete. She was a triple jumper on the track team and to this day holds the freshman record in that event at the high school. With all the success that Tiffany has had during her high school track career; Ashley had once again gotten the competitive bug and wanted to compete. Living in Utah she found a state competition that among the events featured track and field. She entered the meet and competed in the long jump and the triple jump. She called to tell us that she won both events. We were very proud of her and were excited to share in her news.

As she was talking to Trina she mentioned that Arizona had a similar competition called the Grand Canyon State games. It just so happens that these games also were scheduled to begin this weekend. As Trina and Ashley talked I could already see a plan being hatched. Trina was a very gifted athlete in her day setting marks in the high jump and long jump. Since moving to Arizona 14 years ago she has also volunteered to help coach some of the middle school athletes in the high jump. As part of her teaching she would go out and jump with them once in a while. Everyone was amazed that she was still able to clear the bar with ease and commented on how athletic she still was. Now here was Ashley trying to talk her mother into competing in the Grand Canyon State games. The most insane part of this conversation was the fact that the event was scheduled for the following day (today).
After the conversation Trina went in and talked to Tiffany who likewise was excited at the prospects that her mom could be a competitor. They went to the Internet and found the web site and before I knew it both Trina and Tiffany had signed up and paid the entrance fees. They are now both scheduled to compete in the high jump this afternoon. Tiffany is also registered for the triple jump. Trina is now stressed out since she realized what she has gotten herself into. She doesn’t even own a pair of shorts that would be appropriate to high jump in. She had decided she would just jump in her Levi shorts but I explained that probably would not be the best attire to wear in a competition. This morning we’ll be out looking for something for her to wear. She is going to try and borrow a pair of spikes from Tiffany (assuming Tiffany can find her old ones in that dirty bedroom of hers). Otherwise I am not sure that we won’t be looking for shoes as well as shorts for her. She is to be at the Mesa Community College track no later than 5 PM with jumping to start at 5:30 PM. Temperatures are to be around 114 degrees today so this should be interesting. I need to make sure we have enough water and pain killers because I think she is going to need both of those before this day is done.


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