Happy Anniversary

There are certain days that are life changing: the birth of your child, the day you get your Arizona Diamondbacks Season Tickets, and the day you get married immediately come to mind. My kids are now reaching teen age years and the baseball season is now two and a half months old so that must mean that I am going to be talking about anniversaries. Today marks 27 years since my wedding to Trina. It seems so much longer than 27 years and I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way especially if Trina happens to be reading this. What I mean is that really we have known each other for much longer than the time we have been married. I met Trina during my sophomore year of high school at Skyline High School in Idaho Falls.

We were both on the track team and we just so happened to both be in the 4×100 relay; she ran the second leg for the girls team and I ran the third leg for the boys team. This meant that we literally ran into each other on the track during hand-off practice. She seemed like a nice enough girl and there was just something about her that I could not take my eyes off. There was a school dance approaching and I didn’t have a date. It just seemed logical that I should ask someone and since Trina didn’t seem to be attached to anyone why not? During a road trip to a regional meet I went from my seat in the back of the bus (I think I was required to sit in the back of the bus, maybe it was a segregation thing I don’t remember). I walked up the aisle of the bus and as I went everyone started to stare and talking stopped. I was known somewhat for being a little crazy so everyone was waiting to see what was going to happen. I reached Trina’s seat and I knelt on one knee and took her hand. I looked deeply into her frightened eyes and asked her if she would be my date to the dance kissing her hand. Everyone started cracking up at the site of me kneeling next to a bus seat. I will never forget Trina’s response, “I’ll have to ask my mom if it is ok.” What the?!? I’d never had a girl tell me that they had to ask her parents before she was allowed to go out with me. This was definitely something new. It turns out this was just the first of many times in our lives that Trina would say something that would floor me leaving me speechless. Her parents agreed to let her go out with me and we went to the dance. That led to a lasting relationship through high school where we pretty much dated exclusively.
After high school Trina went to Rick College on a full-ride basketball scholarship while I went to Provo Utah to college. It wasn’t more than a semester that I realized that life without Trina just was not complete. I therefore left school in Provo and went to Ricks to be near the girl I loved. Shortly before she graduated from Ricks I asked her to marry me. I found myself once again on one knee asking her for a date. She again stunned me by telling me no. She wanted to be through with school before making a commitment. Being the persuasive guy that I am, I got her to relent and we were married just two months after graduation. It has been an amazing adventure being married to her. There is not a day that I don’t thank God for allowing me to marry an angel. She is everything I could ever imagine and brings out the best in me even when I don’t think it is possible. She is a wonderful mother to our children and I cannot imagine ever being with anyone else. Happy anniversary Trina; I will love you always and forever.

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