Wanted: Web Hosting

I really don’t like Friday the 13th. It is not that I am superstitious, ok maybe I am just a little but you’ve never had to live through a 15 game streak where you couldn’t hit a ball if your life depended upon it. It’s funny, I am college educated and my IQ has been measured in the 140 range yet I still cannot get over the fact that luck plays such a part in life. Personally I don’t think luck happens as much as it is a manipulation of circumstances by the observant. In a lot of cases you can make your own luck just be watching everything around you and making the right choices at the right time. That of course means you need to maintain a higher level of concentration and consciousness than most people are willing to devote each day. Still, it is possible. But before you think that you can manipulate everything in your favor let me assure you that it isn’t quite that easy. Take today for example. The events that transpired with regards to my web hosting could never have been anticipated nor could they have been controlled.

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