What is Up with this Weather?

Like most people on the planet I am concerned with global warming. I am also concerned about the level of pollution and waste that is accumulating on the planet. Clearly weather changes are afoot and things are different than they have been in the past. I am not yet ready to drink the Kool-Aid that is being served by the environmental groups. I have not been shown a significant amount of scientific data that would lead me to conclude that man is the one responsible for these changes. I am not naive enough to believe may is blameless I just think that there are more factors at play here than the generalizations that have been given by the media. I do think we are too wasteful and do not take into consideration the finite number of resources this planet has. But I also think that we don’t know enough about the weather patterns over the course of the life of this planet to know whether we are seeing a change due to man-made problems or if this is a normal occurrence that happens with some sort of regularity through the millions of years this planet has been around.

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