iPhone Mania

Today marks day one of the Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. It was a year ago at this conference that Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone. Since that time the iPhone has achieved near cult status as *the* smart phone to have. Anyone who fancies themselves as hip had to have an iPhone on their belt or in their purse. It wasn’t just that it was cool to be seen with one, it was that it changed the way people looked at cell phones and how they were used. The interesting part about the iPhone was that it really wasn’t that revolutionary. Most of the features contained within it were already available on other devices. What Apple did was to package these various features together and surround them with an elegant user interface. They then enclosed it in a sexy looking package and the world flocked to their doorstep. In the days leading up to the release of the iPhone there were people camped out at the local AT&T stores waiting for a chance to buy a cell phone. When was the last time people got that enthusiastic about their cell phone? Clearly Apple had hit upon something. Despite all of the hype surrounding the iPhone, the product wasn’t perfect. There were missing features that users clamored for. Now 12 months later the hype around the iPhone has returned. Everyone anticipated that during his keynote address today Steve Jobs would unveil the next generation of iPhone.

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