Now That’s a Cool Helmet

Trying to get Trina interested in the Harley-Davidson Night Train has been an uphill battle. A lot of that may have to do with the way she was introduced to the bike. After the initial shock she did briefly think it was kind of cool having a husband that rode a motorcycle. But in my typical fashion I completely blew that when I offered to take her for a ride. She agreed and we mounted up to take a short ride.

It seems that we have a difference of opinion as to what short actually means. My theory was you leave and come back on the same day. Trina on the other hand thought it meant a couple of miles to the store and back. This difference of opinion combined with the fact that the Badlander seat was definitely not made for passenger comfort made for a very long ride for Trina.

When we got home she was pretty sore. She was sore at me and sore in general. The good thing about that ride was that I got a new seat, one that had a much more comfortable passenger area. The bad thing was Trina refused to ride with me anymore. It looked as though I was destined to be a single rider. But recently things began to change.

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