Validate This!

I have come to the conclusion that I have a serious personality deficiency. This of course is not news to anyone who knows me or my wife Trina. Trina has been telling people for years that I have a lot of defects but I had until now chosen to ignore her comments. This of course has led to numerous occasions where I have ended up sleeping on the couch because I happened to ignore the wrong comments. In this case I am here to publicly admit that I have an issue. For some unexplainable reason I am a complete-ist. It doesn’t seem to matter what it is, it has to be completed and consistent. It was first brought to my attention by my lovely wife Trina who expressed her frustration with me and light bulbs. I cannot deal with the fact that a light bulb has ceased to work. I don’t know why but that really bothers me. I have to immediately replace the defective bulb. That’s ok if we happen to have a spare bulb in the house. But if we don’t, I can’t rest until a replacement bulb is gotten and the bad bulb eliminated. That may not sound like a bad thing but light bulbs seem to choose the most inopportune times to die. For example, you get up on a Sunday morning where you have promised your wife you will go to church with her. You turn on the bathroom light to get ready and a vanity light blows out. You go downstairs and find that someone used the last spare bulb leaving you without a new one to put in the socket. You can no longer even think about church as you have a light that needs assistance. You therefore run to the store leaving your wife at the door thinking she was going to church but instead ends up at Home Depot in the bulb department as you try to decide if the longer life bulbs really do last longer or is that just a ploy to make you buy more expensive bulbs. At that point is where Trina is most apt to bring up my “issues” which she is now documenting in their own special notebook.

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