Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Time is an interesting animal that refuses to be domesticated. I have sort of a love hate relationship with time. From a scientific perspective I am fascinated by the whole concept of time. It is an invention to allow man to measure the inconceivable. For whatever reason as a species we are consumed by the idea that we must measure and compare one instance of existence to another. Some people choose to use these measurements to place value comparisons on their evolution. Others hope to mark off each moment as a sign that they were here. It is as though they are afraid that without somehow marking it down their lives would hold no value. Time follows us everywhere we go and we cannot escape it. Even after we have passed beyond the boundaries of this mortal life we are still measured by time. Visit any cemetery and look at the headstones. The majority of these are filled with the concept of time. These carved stones mark the final resting place of a human beings earthly vessel. Does the stone give us any indication of the type of life these people lived? Instead all we know of their journey through this world is their arrival and departure time.

Through my life I have come to the realization that there are some people who can exist a lifetime without actually living while there are others who can exist for a moment but live for a lifetime. Each day as I contemplate my existence I have to wonder which type of person I have chosen to be. Seeing time from this perspective I find myself as inquisitive as a small child trying to understand how it works and more often why it is so important. On the other end of the extreme I find myself detesting the mere concept of time. Time feels like a container which is used to entrap my spirit and dictate where it can travel and when. No matter where we turn we are surrounded by time which is constantly reminding us of its passing. This constant reminder acts to frustrate us as we realize that each moment once gone can never be replaced. It is depressing to think about how many of these precious points I have wasted away never to see them again. Each moment should be cherished and appreciated. Not in a way that is locked away and hoarded but freely used to be enjoyed. Although time continues to pass marking our progress like road signs along a deserted highway it is also an enabler for us to gauge how far we have come. If we compare the memories we have accumulated through our lives with the amount of time it took to collect them we can understand how efficient we are in using the resource of time. I’ve always dreamed of unlocking some cosmic secret that would allow me to manipulate time increasing its abundance when I want and slowing its pace when I want to savor a moment. But I’m not sure whether even that would satisfy me. I would lament all I missed chasing after time. For now I will have to be content living each day attaching a memory to each moment.

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