Surviving Graduation

When my daughter Tiffany began her freshman year in high school I would have bet money that she would never make it to graduation. It’s not that Tiffany is not a good student; it is just that at the time she didn’t really seem all that interested in being a high school graduate. Homework was the farthest thing from her mind and grades were not something she necessarily cared about. It was one of those things that as a parent make you lay awake at night worrying about. Thankfully though Tiffany’s attitude changed and she matured both physically and educationally. She outgrew the pain of taking Spanish and German. She survived the math classes that seemed destined to trip her up. She even miraculously passed the AIMS test signifying that she had retained what she was being taught. Then to top things off she actually took the SAT and her scores coupled with her grades she was accepted into college all before the end of her senior year. It’s the kind of thing that makes you believe that there is a power beyond the comprehension of man.

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