They’re Here!

Oh how time flies when you are having fun! I had ordered a new set of wheels five days ago with the assumption that it could take up to two weeks for the wheels to arrive. Today when I got home from work there was a message on my answering machine from Chandler Harley-Davidson saying that my wheels had arrived. Even before the message finished playing I had grabbed the keys and headed for the door. I wanted to get down to the dealership to check out the wheels and schedule an appointment to have them installed.

As soon as I walked through the store the parts representative saw me and ran back to the storeroom to bring out my wheels so we could look at them. When I placed the order there was some question whether the wheels included a chrome hub cap. Given Harley’s tendency to make you pay extra for each piece of chrome I had assumed that the wheels did not include the hubcap. Much to my surprise I was wrong and it was included which saved me $30. Not a big savings but every little bit helps. Besides the Mirror Chrome ThunderStar Custom Wheels I also ordered a ThunderStar Chromed Billet Sprocket, Chrome Rear Wheel Spacer Kit, Chrome Front Wheel Spacer Kit, ThunderStar Custom Floating Brake Rotors which of course needed chrome bolts and hardware that is not included. With the parts now in a service order was created and my bike goes into the shop tomorrow. Tonight is the last night I will riding on stock wheels.

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  1. Jeff Blogs says:

    That One in the Nursery is Mine

    After getting the call that my new wheels had arrived for my Harley-Davidson 2005 Softail Night Train, I made arrangements to have them installed. I dropped the bike off at Chandler Harley-Davidson on March 6. It was two wheels…

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