Me and My Peeps

Every year I eagerly await the passing of St. Patrick’s Day. It is not that I have anything against St. Patrick’s Day it is just that I know that once that is over it can mean only one thing; Easter is just around the corner. Easter is like a ninja holiday. You never quite know when it is going to show up then BAM! there it is. I often wondered why we had an Easter Bunny. It would have been much cooler if the icon would have been this little ninja guy. Any chicken who didn’t give up eggs gets a couple of ninja stars to the beak. Wouldn’t it be more believable to think of a ninja creeping into your house one night and hiding your eggs rather than a six foot rabbit without opposable thumbs? So you may be asking yourself, what is it about Easter that gets me so jazzed. Is it the religious implications? Could it be the celebration of the return of spring signifying a new beginning? Is it that I just have a thing for Easter bonnets? While any of these answers would be justification enough to love Easter (well maybe not that last one but the others are ok); these are not why I like the holiday so much.

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