Blu-Ray Rocks

The day after Thanksgiving is always chaotic around our house. On Thanksgiving evening Trina and I sit down with the newspaper and plot our plan of attack. You see Trina is the queen of the door busters. If it is possible to save three cents by standing in line for four hours you can bet that it makes the list..I am slightly more pragmatic than that. Unless it is electronic, a new gadget, or something to do with the Diamondbacks I probably don’t care. So as Trina was going through the stack of newspapers trying to find someone who had socks for a quarter I sat there motionless trying to appear interested. One store that Trina had on her list was Best Buy. I love Best Buy. There is just enough technology there to keep me interested and I just love going in there and making the Geek Squad feel like idiots (which by the way isn’t really that hard since most of these guys have only gotten through the first chapter of the Owner’s Manual for any piece of software or hardware in the store). The newspaper had several door busters that I would actually stand in line for.

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