Sometimes Birthdays Don’t Suck

I remember as a kid I always looked forward to my birthday. First off it was awesome to see my little brother cry because he wasn’t getting the attention he wanted. Second, I usually got really cool stuff for my birthday. There was the baseball gloves and bats, the toy guns that always seemed to shoot some kind of projectile that would be banned using today’s standards, and then there were the bikes. Early on it was a sting ray with ape hanger handlebars and a banana seat. Then it was a Schwinn 10-Speed road bike. Finally it was a carbon fiber downhill mountain bike. And then there were the cakes. My mom always made awesome birthday cakes with cool decorations. There were car cakes, baseball cakes, a Spiderman cake, and countless other shapes and sizes. About the only time I had a bad birthday cake was the year I wanted to make my own cake.

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